The Inspectorate published its report on the teaching of Irish in Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh last Friday, 31/01/2014 – a summary of the findings included the following;

a)      Good teaching and learning methodologies was a feature of the majority of lessons observed and exemplary practices were evident in teaching and learning in a small number of the lessons. There was scope for development in a small number of cases.

b)      Significant strengths were evident in the quality of instructional leadership provided for the teaching and learning of Irish in the school.

c)       An excellent information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure has been developed in the school which is very effective in enhancing communications, planning, teaching and learning and the assessment system in the school.

d)      Excellent teaching and learning techniques were observed in a number of lessons.

e)      The principal provides a clear role in instructional leadership for staff and is to be commended. This is evident in the excellent communication between management and teachers of Irish and in the supports offered to teachers to participate in continuing professional development (CPD).

f)       Teachers of Irish are very active in CPD activities on a personal level, and in external projects provided by the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST) for Irish.

g)      High quality, up-to-date resources and aids have been developed in the school for teaching and learning Irish. Members of the department make effective use of a significant number of resources and ICT networks.

h)      A system has been developed at whole-school level to focus students’ attention on mistakes in structure, grammar and spelling. More extended use of these strategies is recommended.

i)        The school has developed a wide range of methods, including electronic systems, to keep students and parents or guardians informed of progress and achievement in Irish.

j)        A very good range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities is provided to foster student skill and interest in Irish and in Irish culture.

k)      Significant strengths are evident in the quality of the planning carried out for assessment of learning and assessment for learning in the curricular plans.

l)        The Irish department is progressive and works collaboratively and diligently. The department co-ordinator uploads plans, minutes of meetings and teaching resources on a regular basis so that all teachers can access them.

m)    Very good cross-curricular planning has been completed by the Irish department.