Tá an Coimisiún Scrúduithe Stáit ag tosú le córas nua scripteanna scoláirí a scanáil don Samhradh seo.  Tá eolas an-tábhachtach luaite thíos faoin socrú nua seo agus tá cóip dos na nósanna faighte ag gach scoláire.  Beidh Donncha, Kevin agus Jack ag dul tríd na h-athruithe seo le scoláirí chomh maith.  Idir an dá linn, bheadh sé inmholta breathnú ar an gcóras nua tú fhéin agus é a phlé le do pháiste.

The State Examinations Commission has just informed schools of the new procedures relating to the examination scripts students will fill-in or write on for this Summer’s Junior and Leaving Certificate examinations. 
There is very important information outlined below for students to be aware of.  Donnca, Kevin and Jack will be going through this with all 3rd and 6th Year pupils before the end of May.  All pupils have received this information also.
We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the changes and that you discuss this with your child/children also.
Thank you very much.

Bealtaine / May 2019

Examination Paper Cover Design, Online Marking & Results and Appeals Timelines 
The purpose of this circular is to provide school authorities, and candidates, parents/guardians, with information on;

  1. The appearance of the 2019 examination papers
  2. Details of the introduction of online marking in certain Leaving Certificate and Junior Cycle subjects
  3. Further information on the timeframe for the Leaving Certificate results and appeals this year.

1. Examination Paper Cover Design 
There is no material change to the content of examination papers. 
The Leaving Certificate papers have the same colour coding as before but instead of a solid colour we are now using the elliptical design that we have been using on Junior Cycle papers. 
The 2019 papers will be mocha and white as shown on the poster. 
The Junior Cycle papers are the same as last year with the exception of the new common level papers in Junior Cycle Business and Science which are ochre and white. This colour scheme will be used for common level papers as examinations in reformed Junior Cycle subjects are rolled out. 

2. Online Marking 
The State Examinations Commission (SEC) successfully used an online marking system to mark Junior Certificate Higher Level French in 2016, and Junior Certificate Higher Level French and Junior Cycle English in 2017. This year, the following subjects will be marked online


  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • (Written paper) Physics
  • Politics & Society


  • English
  • Science
  • French
  • Business Studies

Online marking facilitates high quality, reliable marking of candidates examination responses. There are many advantages to online marking both for the examiners and for the examination system as a whole. In particular, marking online allows examiners to focus on the marking exercise and not on the administration of the marking. As the calculation of marks are inherent in the system, online marking eliminates the possibility of mistakes being made in mark calculation and transcription. The SEC intends to roll out online marking to all Leaving Certificate and Junior Cycle subjects by 2022. 
There is no significant change for candidates. They will sit their examinations in the normal way. When the scripts are returned to SEC their scripts will be scanned and will become an electronic script. The paper script will also be retained. The scanned images of the candidates’ examination scripts will then be marked by examiners using specially designed software. 
Students sitting any of the examinations in subjects which will be marked online should be made aware of the following in advance of the examinations.

  • Students should complete their responses in black or blue pen only.
  • Gel pens should not be used. However, pencil may be used for completing diagrams and graphs.
  • The four Junior Cycle Subjects, as well as Leaving Certificate Mathematics, Links Modules, and Politics and Society continue to have a combined examination paper/answer book. The examination paper/answer books have been subject to minor modifications, to facilitate the scanning process. There are barcodes on the cover and on each page. (This has also been the case for related assessment task and coursework booklets). The short answer section in Leaving Certificate Biology has been similarly modified and is now a separate returnable section. There is a new answer book especially for use in Leaving Certificate Biology, Chemistry and Physics which will be provided to candidates by the Superintendent. (Previously, in these subjects, candidates would have completed a standard answer book).
  • The main difference is that candidates will indicate the subject, level and paper version (Irish/English) they are using the booklet for by fully shading in the relevant circles on the cover.
  • They are required to clearly mark each question number in the space provided and to use a new page for every answer.
  • The new answer book contains graph paper throughout so loose sheets of graph paper are not required and will not be provided.
  • The examination paper/answer books and the answer book for the three Leaving Certificate Science subjects have all been designed to allow sufficient writing space for candidates. For this reason, supplementary paper should not be required. In line with the SEC’s longstanding instructions in all examinations, Superintendents will not hand out supplementary paper at the start of the examination and are instructed to provide supplementary paper to candidates only when they have used the space in their question paper/answer book.
  • Candidates should complete their responses using the spaces provided on the examination paper/answer book to ensure that all of their responses are captured in the scanning process. If candidates write outside of these areas, there is a risk that this will not be seen by examiners.
  • Candidates who do require supplementary paper will be required to record their question numbers to the right of the page margin on the supplementary answer sheet.
  • Any questions on Online Marking can be addressed to onlinemark@examinations.ie or 090 644 2869/2418/2466

3. Results and Appeals 
The SEC wishes to remind schools and candidates of changes to the Leaving Certificate results and appeals timelines and to provide some information on new arrangements to facilitate the earlier issue of the appeal results. 
Leaving Certificate results will be in schools on Tuesday 13th August. 
The results will also be available from 10a.m. that morning on www.examinations.ie. The deadline to apply to view scripts is 5p.m. on Friday 16th August. Viewing of scripts will take place over 3 sessions; the evening of Tuesday 20th August, and the morning and afternoon of Wednesday 21st August. Scripts marked online will be made available for online viewing and this will be also time bound. The Appeal application deadline is 5p.m. on Thursday 22nd August Candidates must register for an online account with the SEC in order to access all of the Results and Appeals services (Leaving Cert results access; viewing of scripts application; viewing scripts marked online; appeal application; and appeal results access). To register, candidates will need their PIN letter from the SEC, an email address and a mobile phone number.
The PIN letters will issue in Mid-May and the SEC will be providing more details at that time and later in the Candidate Information Booklet and on www.examinations.ie.
Any questions on Results and Appeals can be addressed to entries@examinations.ie or 090 644 2702/2857/2849 Please bring this circular to the attention of teachers and particularly to the attention of candidates and parents/guardians. All of the information detailed here can also be found on www.examinations.ie.

Coimisiún na Scrúduithe Stáit, Corr na Madadh, Baile Átha Luain, Co. na hlarmhí
State Examinations Commission, Cornamaddy, Athlone, Co. Westmeath.