Soláthraíonn Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh clúdach árachais do scoláirí uile an Choláiste trí JFD Insurance.

Tá na sonraí faoin bpolasaí leagtha amach thíos anseo;


The Pupil Protector Personal Accident Plan is designed to provide financial support for parents to meet some of the medical, dental and other bills that arise when serious accidents happen. The Pupil Protector plan provides a wide range of insurance benefits.

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Within the Personal Accident Package are included a range of non insurance features which are not available elsewhere but will give parents added peace of mind.  They include:

  1. 1.Medical Second Opinion: Parents of insured children can benefit from a free Second Opinion on any medical diagnosis given by a hospital consultant in the Republic of Ireland while their child is insured under Pupil Protector. This Second Opinion is provided by medical specialists that lead the world in many aspects of medical research and treatment and applies to any new accident or illness diagnosed after cover is put in place.
  2. 2.Medical & Rehabilitation:Through our own in house specialist Medical and Rehabilitation experts, parents can be offered advice on rehabilitation for their child following an accident. Our highly qualified staff will be there to offer parents valuable assistance and advice on post accident courses of treatment and rehabilitation when they need it most.

Pupil Protector Benefits

  • Paralysis from the neck down €200,000
  • Brain damage €200,000
  • Permanent total disability €150,000
  • Loss of sight in both eyes €150,000
  • Loss of both hands or both feet €150,000
  • Loss of sight in one eye €100,000
  • Loss of one hand or one foot €100,000
  • Loss of hearing:
    • both ears €100,000
    • one ear €40,000
  • Loss of speech €40,000
  • Death by accident €25,000
  • Full Thickness Burns up to €20,000
  • Facial Scarring up to 2,000
  • Hospitalisation €20 for each 24 hours up to €1,800
  • Medical & Dental Expenses not recoverable from any other source up to €40,000