Cuireann Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh seirbhí iomláine bhia ar fáil do phobal an choláiste le Bia te agus fuair chomh maith le ceapairí, bapanna, wraps, deochana srl.

Tá tae/caife agus torthaí úra ar fáil do dhaltaí agus osclaíonn an bhialann ó 8.00 r.n. agus bíonn sé ar fáil i rith an lae ar fad.

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Smart Foods

What students eat and drink in the run up to their exams can affect their performance. Whilst it is necessary to put in the ‘hours’ studying, taking the time to eat healthily, and getting fresh air and exercise are also very important preparations for a clear and focused mind.

Nutrition and Health Tips
The brain is one of the smallest organs in the body, however it uses up to 20% of the energy we need every day. Keeping a steady supply of glucose as energy to the brain will help ensure that you do not lose concentration during both your study and exam times.


Skipping breakfast can mean loss of recall and concentration both detrimental to a student so ensure you choose foods that are high in fibre and give your body a slow steady release of glucose for example
• Wholegrain cereal with milk, fresh orange juice.
• Bowl of porridge with sultanas
• Wholemeal bread toasted with chopped banana
• If you are too nervous to eat try drinking a smoothie these will supply essential
nutrients and energy.

Snacking regularly on healthy foods can also ensure a steady slow release of glucose to the brain. Useful foods as snacks include
• Fresh fruit or veg
• Popcorn
• Fruit /Wholemeal scone.
• Dried fruit /nuts
• Fruit Brack.
• Wholegrain cereal bars

Suitable Drinks
Many students tend to survive on coffee and other caffeine containing drinks during this busy time. Whilst some studiers show that a small amount of caffeine i.e. equivalent of one Irish cup coffee can make us more alert taking excess caffeine can upset our blood sugars causing us to loose concentration so limit your intake. Caffeine is also a diuretic, which causes to loose fluids and need to go to the bathroom, which is not a very good idea during an exam! Keep well hydrated by drinking approx 1.5 lts of non-caffeine drinks/day for example fruit juices, herbal teas, and water.

Many students will be sitting two exam papers /day so eating a good lunch is also very important. Don’t be tempted to visit the local chipper, as this will leave you feeling full and sluggish for the afternoon. Here are some good options

• Bowl vegetable soup and wholemeal scone/bread
• Wholemeal chicken/ham/egg/cheese Sandwich
• Chicken/tuna Wrap
• Prepared Tuna/pasta salad
• Smoothies.

General Advice
• Don’t skip meals especially breakfast.
• Avoid any kind of weight loss diets during this important time as many of these are
lacking in essential nutrients and can cause you to lack concentration.
• As many students leave home quite a while before an exam be sure and take a healthy
snack with you to eat either during or before the exam as breakfast can be a long way off
• Avoid caffeine drinks especially in evening try herbal/green tea instead as this will help
you sleep better another essential for successful exams
• Get some form of exercise every day for example a brisk 30 min walk etc this will help
you to relax and concentrate better.