Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh is committed to providing a school uniform which is comfortable, stylish, cost-effective to parents and striking in appearance.

The school uniform has been admired by all who visit the College, and those who see it at various functions and competitions which our pupils participate in.  

It was professionally designed and manufactured to represent a fashionable, smart and elegant look for our students.  

Survey of Parents on costs if uniforms

The Department of Education and Skills advises schools to consult closely with parents on reducing costs to parents.

Consultation with parents

Schools should consult with parents on their views and suggestions on cost reduction initiatives.

A questionnaire was issued to parents over the course of two different years.  Parents in Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh have indicated their preference for a crested jumper.

The Parents Council and Board of Management review the cost of school uniform garments on an on-going basis.

Additional information about Department of Education and Skills advice to schools is available in  Circular letter 0032/2017. Please see link also to an Irish version of the Circular letter.

School Crest

Our logo is already a popular and attractive brand which our pupils are proud of.  Indeed, our first cohort of pupils was involved in the design and planning of our crest.  In so far as is possible, the logo is stamped on all garments of the College.

We place considerable emphasis on our identity, school uniform and sports uniform.  It is essential that pupils of the College ensure that the integrity of the College is not affected by pupils being negligent or careless in how the uniform is worn.  

The school uniform is checked each morning, and random checks are also conducted.  Pupils will be subject to disciplinary sanction if the rules relating to the uniform are abused in any manner.

Availability of Uniform

Gemma’s 061- 410344 / 414482 111-112 Lower Henry Street, Limerick.
Fennessy’s 061- 415879 31 William St., Limerick.
Noels 061 – 410040 Wickham St., Limerick.

School Uniform Details



Grey Trousers College Skirt  from Gemma’s or Fennesy’s Only
College Crested Jumper College Crested Jumper
White Shirts White Shirts
Black Socks Black Socks
Shoes – Runners only permitted for PE Shoes – Runners only permitted for PE
College Jacket only – Jackets other than school crested jackets will be confiscated College Jacket only – Jackets other than school crested jackets will be confiscated
College Scarf (Boys & Girls) is optional

Available from August 2011 from Fennessys’

Optional Items for both Boys & Girls available from School directly
College Crested Hoody (€40) College Crested Hoody (€40)
College Crested Woolen Hat (€10) College Crested Woolen Hat (€10)

College Jacket

The College Jacket is available from O’ Neills.  The jackets will be delivered to Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh in August and pupils can collect them before they commence.  Parents may also purchase these jackets if they would like one. A fitting day for the School Jacket will be communicated to you via text.